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The contributor should be aware of the difference between an entry and a page.

Both entries and pages combine to form the wiki. Both are created similarly and edited with the same editing interfaces. The difference between entries and pages is conceptual. Both entries and pages are searched simultaneously using the Search Box.

  • Entries are the basic unit of the wiki. They contain the detailed information about a given subject and constitute the majority of the content within the wiki.
  • Pages, on the other hand, are used to organize the wiki. Examples of pages are Categories, Templates, Special Pages, as well as those displayed on the Sidebar.

Contributors will mostly create new entries, adding to pages but not creating them.

  • The Profile Page is more an entry describing the Contributor/Adminstrator than a page, but will be referred to as a page in title because of its unique function and distinction from wiki entries.
  • Administrators will largely be responsible for the creation of new pages as modifications to the Sidebar require special permission.

Origin versus Destination

Throughout the manual, entries and pages will be distinguished as either the Origin or the Destination.

  • The Origin entry/page refers to where the link will be placed.
  • The Destination entry/page refers to where the link will direct to.

--MarkMcCumber (talk) 17 June 2014 (ADT)