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There are many Special Pages, some of which serve particular purposes and will prove incredibly useful to contributors and administrators.

Special Pages for Contributors

Wanted Pages

The Wanted Pages Special Page lists all of the potential entries/pages created by Lazy Linking - entries/pages that have been conceptualized and are needed, but have not yet been created. The following link displays all of the entries/pages that have been linked to but not yet created:


Dead-End Pages

Dead-End Pages are entries that have no links to other entries/pages. This can be a useful tool to indicate what pages need development by prospective contributors. The following link lists all Dead-End Pages existing within the wiki:


Orphaned Pages

Similarly, Orphaned Pages are entries/pages that have not been linked to from any other entry/page. These pages would be impossible to find via browsing, so try to links to these entries/pages. The list of Orphaned Pages can be found here:


Special Pages for Administrators


Several Special Pages are dedicated to the organization of Categories:

Similar to the Wanted Pages Special Page described above, this Special Page lists all of the categories that have been conceptualized but not yet created. These may not exist at the moment but future initiatives may inspire the plotting out of potential categories to be developed by future contributors, which could make this Special Page a useful one:


Uncategorized Pages

For a list of entries/pages that have not been assigned a category:


Unused Categories

For a list of Unused Categories:


Uncategorized Categories

While developing the hierarchy of categories, it will be beneficial to know what Categories have not been assigned to a broader category; this Special Page lists all the Categories that have not yet been Categorized:


--MarkMcCumber (talk) 2 July 2014 (ADT)