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Year Sport Awards, Events
1939 Hockey The formation of the first coed hockey team
1929 Basketball Provincial Championship
1940 Basketball Maritime Intercollegiate Championship
1941 Basketball New Brunswick Senior Championship
1942 Basketball Tunics made their first appearance this year as the uniform of the girls’ team.
1942 Badminton 3 Cups for Fredericton Badminton Tournament

Enid Bruce - Ladies’ Single Enid Bruce, Leslie Stevens – Ladies’ Double Enid Bruce, Bill Thompson – Mixed Double

1943 Basketball Due to war-time restrictions the Inter-collegiate title was not contested this year. So the UNB team still held it from pre-war days.
1944 Basketball The City League Championship was carried off by the UNB girls without a single loss.
1945 Basketball The Co-ed Games came to a victorious end by their winning “City League”.
1946 Basketball Throughout the season UNB played in the “City League” and terminated the year’s activities by winning the City Championship.
1947 Basketball Maritime Intercollegiate Championship
1949 Tennis The talented red and black Co-eds captured the ladies championship.

Individual championships acquired by UNB were: Joene Moores – ladies 1st singles Faith Baxter – ladies 2nd singles

1950 Tennis Individual trophies were given to Joene Moores. Maritime Intercollegiate Ladies double champs.Trophy winner: Peggy Stewart
1951 Tennis No tennis tournament was held this year. The UNB team kept for another year the Maritime Intercollegiate championship cup. One lady was in the team: P. Stewart.
1952 Tennis UNB managed to win only one Maritime title. This was the ladies’ double play. Marion Gaunce and Janette Webb.
1954 Tennis Ladies’ doubles team of Jane Hickman and Pam McCready won the ladies’ doubles competition in the MIAU meet.
1954 Basketball Enough points were gained by UNB in the second game to win the total-point series, emblematic of NB championship for the 1953-54 season.
1954 Badminton Margot Roach won the ladies’ singles crown in MIAU tournament.
1954 Swimming Pam McCready set a new open record for the 40-yard backstroke. Shirley Hitchen did in the 40-yard freestyle.

This is the first time in four years that there has been a swim team from coed ranks.

1956 Basketball In ’55, the “Red Bloomers” finished on top with Dalhousie University and both were declared Maritime Intercollegiate Co-champs.
1956 Swimming Swim team comprises of ten girls, the largest in UNB’s history.
1957 Basketball A talented Junior Varsity team for the first time in UNB’s history.
1957 Swimming Maritime Ladies Swim Champion
1958 Tennis The women’s team shared the MIAU Championship with Mount A.
1959 Swimming They had been the Maritime Intercollegiate Champions for the past three years, and had won the Maritime Open trophy the five times they competed.
1959 Badminton Again this year, UNB proved too strong for their opponents, and brought the championship cup back to UNB for fourth straight year.
1960 Basketball The team entered the year both as Maritime Intercollegiate Champions and golden Ball tournament Winners.
1960 Badminton This year’s varsity team won the Maritime Intercollegiate Badminton Tournament. Three girls were in the team.
1961 Basketball Maritime Intercollegiate Champions
1961 Swimming MWIAU Champions 1960-61.

They have been Maritime Intercollegiate Champions for the last four years and have won the Maritime Open Trophy five times in six starts.

1962 Volleyball Red rompers win Maritime Volleyball Championship in Halifax.
1962 Tennis Maritime Intercollegiate Tennis Champions

Three girls in the team Ann bishop – MI Ladies’ Singles Champion Mary Jean McNichol and Winnie MacPherson – MI Ladies’ Doubles Champions Lorraine Caldwell and Janet Hepburn – Girls’ doubles Maritime Champions

1962 Field Hockey Maritime Champions
1963 Basketball Maritime Champions

Won first Annual Montreal Senior Women’s Invitational Basketball Tournament. Won every game (14) that they played.

1963 Swimming Maritime Champions

New Brunswick senior swimming and diving champions.

1963 Volleyball Maritime Champions

The Red Rompers captured their third straight MI Championship.

1964 Field Hockey Maritime Championship
1964 Basketball MIAU Champions (Red Bloomers)

JV MIAU Champions (Red Rovers)

1964 Swimming NB Open Champions
1964 Diving MIAU Champions

Two women were in the diving team.

1964 Volleyball MIAU Champions
1965 Field Hockey MWIAAU Champions.

Third year in a row. Outstanding Female Athlete – Patricia Martin (Field Hockey)

1965 Swimming NB-PEI Champions
1965 Diving MIAU Champions

Two women were in the diving team.

1965 Basketball Maritime Champs (Red Bloomers)

One of the best teams in the last few years (Red Rovers)

1965 Volleyball MIAU Champions

Five years in a row.

1966 Basketball Outstanding Female Athlete – Joan Carson
1966 Volleyball MWIAAU Tournament

Winning all seven matches during the two day round-robin MWIAAU Tournament, the Red Rompers were victorious for the sixth year in a row.

1966 Swimming Maritime Intercollegiate Champions

New Brunswick Open Champions

1966 Basketball 8th Maritime Intercollegiate Championship (Red Bloomers)

MWIAAU Intercollegiate Champions (Red Rovers)

1967 Field Hockey Maritime Intercollegiate Champions
1967 Volleyball 7th Maritime Intercollegiate Champions
1967 Badminton Maritime Champions. Three women in the team.
1967 Basketball 9th Maritime Intercollegiate Champions

Outstanding Female Athlete – Joanne Taylor (Basketball)

1968 Basketball Womens Inter-collegiate Basketball

Outstanding Female Athlete – Sandra N. Barr

1969 Volleyball AWIAU Champions

Captured title for 9th consecutive year

1969 Field Hockey AWIAU Champions
1969 Basketball AWIAU Champions (Red Bloomers)

Maritime Intercollegiate Champions (Red Rovers) Outstanding Female Athlete – Leckie Langley (Basketball)

1969 Gymnastics MIAU Champions. Three girls in the team.
1969 Swimming AWIAU Champs
1970 Swimming Female Athletes of the year – Cathy Aitkins
1971 Swimming Maritime Champions
1971 Gymnastics AIAA Champions

Four women in the team

1971 Basketball Female Athletes of the Year – Coreen Flemming
1972 Field Hockey Female Athlete of the Year – Mary Moseychuck
1973 ? Female Athlete of the Year – Sally W. Coughey McAllister
1974 Basketball AWIAA Champs (Red Rovers)
1974 Field Hockey AWIAA Champs (Red Sticks)
1974 Volleyball Reds ‘rage on’ to AWIAA volleyball crown

Female Athlete of the Year – Joyce Douthwright

1975 Swimming Debbie Prince broke her own record Individual Medley

Outstanding Female Athlete – Debbie Prince (Swimming)

1976 Basketball Bloomers are undisputed queens of AUAA courts. Female Athlete of the Year – Janet Goggin (Field Hockey Basketball)
1976 Volleyball NB provincial title to volleyball “Reds”
1976 Judo The women’s team of Linda MacRae, Tina Hicks, Lucie Bertin, Therese Michaud and Glenna Smith captured the first women’s team trophy ever offered in New Brunswick.
1977 Volleyball The highlight of this year’s season was definitely the 11th annual UNB Volleyball Invitational Tournament, where the “Red” captured first place honors in the women’s division.

Outstanding Female Athlete – Liz Johnson (Volleyball)

1978 Swimming AUAA 200 Individual Medley Champion – Debbie Whittemore

Female Athlete of the Year – Ginny Bradley (Swimming)

1978 Basketball First in the UNB Holiday Classic Tournament for the second year in a row.

First in the AUAA’s

1979 Basketball The Bloomers won the Holiday Classic for the third year in a row.

Female Athlete of the Year – Cathy Maxwell (Basketball)

1980 Basketball Female Athlete of the Year – Moira Pryde
1981 ? Female Athlete of the Year – Donna Phillips
1982 Cross-country AUAA Champs (Red Harriers)
1982 Volleyball Top all-around athlete - Anne Keizer
1982 Basketball Top female athlete – Joanne MacLean
1983 Basketball AUAA Champions (Red Bloomers)

Female Athlete of the Year – Alice Kamermans Can not find any useful information Female Athlete of the Year – Jennifer George and Katheryn MacDougall

1984 ? Female Athlete of the Year – Jennifer George and Katheryn MacDougall
1985 ? Female Athlete of the Year – Margaret MacDonald
1986 ? Female Athlete of the Year – Katheryn MacDougall
1988 Field Hockey UNB beat St. F.X. 6-0 in first round of playoffs then beat U de M 6-0 in final to win the AUAA title for the third year in a row.

Female Athlete of the Year – Carla Reeves

1989 Basketball Female Athlete of the Year – Pauline Lordon
1990 Field Hockey AUAA Champs
1991 Field Hockey Red Sticks capture AUAA

The end of October found UNB’s Lady Red Sticks celebrating as they shutout the University of Moncton Blue Angels and the St. Mary’s Huskies in the AUAA finals, thereby earning the right to represent Atlantic Canada at the CIAU’s in Edmonton.

1992 Field Hockey AUAA Champions

The Red Sticks success continued into the AUAA ‘s as they captured the title with a 2-0 win over the host St. Mary’s Huskies.

1995 Basketball The winning tradition of UNB women’s basketball continued in the 1993-94 year with the Varsity Reds capturing another AUAA title. This championship was the fourth in five years for UNB and the 26th in the last years.
1995 Volleyball The 1994-95 ladies Varsity Reds Volleyball team have a successful history behind them. They are the defending AUAA champs, UNB Invitational champs, and U de M Invitational champs.
1996 Swimming MacWhirter, a second year Phys. Ed. Student was named Pepsi-Cola swimmer of the meet at the ASUAA Invitational where she set a new meet record in the 200 Freestyle.
1996 Volleyball Their regular season standing placed them in the race for the championship, but their two year reign as AUAA title holders came to a halt in the semi-finals of the AUAA’s.
1996 Field Hockey The UNB field hockey team was on top of the league at the end of regular season play and went on to place first in the AUAA’s in a 7-0 victory game against UPEI.
1997 Rowing One member of the team, Stacey Norwood, went to the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships at Toronto. She placed first in the Heavyweight University Category.
2003 Hockey UNB finished the season in first place in the NB/PEI division. This placing earned the Varsity Reds a birth into the AUS Championships