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Mark McCumber smiling at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Aspen, Co., 2014.

Mark McCumber is an MLIS candidate (2015) studying at Dalhousie University. Reared in the wild countryside bordering the picturesque Tintamarre National Wildlife Area, Mark graduated from Mount Allison University (2011) with a BA in History. He then ventured to France the following academic year to teach English in the Parisian suburbs and consider the purpose of life. Having there realized that the purest professional calling revolved around the management of information, he determined to pursue a career as an academic librarian.

Mark devotedly served the UNB Archives and Special Collections as Wiki Project Editor throughout the summer months of 2014. Charged with the daunting task of cleansing and developing UNB's History at a GlanceWiki—upon its migration to the Mediawiki platform—Mark boldly faced the terrifying and unexplored depths of the Mediawiki universe.

List of Mark's Contributions

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