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MediaWiki provides two editors for the editing of wiki content. The RichTextEditor is the default editor. Select the edit tab to enter the editing interface:



The RichTextEditor is easier to learn and use than the WikiTextEditor. For some, the RichTextEditor toolbar will prove intuitive because it provides functions similar to those common to the word processor. This toolbar facilitates many of the functions that will be necessary for the creation of basic content.

The toolbar is constant in the functions it provides. When editing, the Contributor will have access to all the tools included here (though perhaps in a slightly different layout depending on the width of the internet browser window):



The WikiTextEditor may prove more difficult to learn as it utilizes a mark-up language to initiate functions. If unintimidated by the prospect of some basic coding, the WikiText language is not overly complicated and extremely functional. It is also necessary to utilize some of the more advanced editing features.

Click here for a basic guide to the formatting that can be applied using the WikiTextEditor.

--MarkMcCumber (talk) 18 June 2014 (ADT)