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The Profile Page is designed to tell readers a bit about the individual responsible for the content that they have been provided. It is a place for the Contributor to disclose a little about their studies and interests.

The Profile Page can be accessed through a number of avenues though, like the Sidebar it is constantly accessible while browsing or editing the wiki. The Contributor may have already noticed—at the top of the page—a little human Icon next to his/her username. Clicking this link will access the Profile Page:


The Profile Page can also serve the contributor by acting as a sort of wiki résumé, as the various entries that a Contributor has contributed to can be listed and referenced here. As Contributors develop and complete entries, an Administrator will tag those entries to compile a list of contributions an individual has made to the wiki project. Contributors will always be able to return to the site and view their Profile Page where they will find an active link to a page that lists each individual's contributions - tangible proof of the work completed.

When the Contributor initiates a Signature on an entry that they have created or edited, the signature contains a link to the individual's Profile Page - the profile page should be conservative and professional in nature!

--MarkMcCumber (talk) 17 June 2014 (ADT)