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Headers are important in the organization of content within the wiki.

The incorporation of multiple headers into an entry/page will automatically generate a Table of Contents to facilitate the easy navigation from the top of the page to those key locations.

Headers also serve as anchors that can be linked to from both within the entry/page and from an entirely other entry/page.

To create a header using the RichTextEditor, select the button situated between Styles and Font buttons in the tool box, and choose the level of header needed.


In the WikiTextEditor, headers are initiated and identifiable by equal signs on either side of the header text - with more equal signs indicating a lower ranked header:

  • 1st header:= Header =
  • 2nd header:== Header ==
  • 3rd header:=== Header ===

--MarkMcCumber (talk) 9 July 2014 (ADT)