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Simply changing the title of an entry is not difficult. Toggle your cursor over the downward arrow to the immediate left of the search box, and select Move:

Title Change.png

Enter a new title in the appropriate field and, if necessary, give a reason for the title change.

  • The entry/page title has been changed by actually moving the contents to another entry/page.
  • Checking the "Leave a redirect behind" box will cause the redirection of links to the changed entries/pages to the newly titled entry/page, which does work fine.

An alternative approach is to manually change the links on the entries/pages linking to the old title. This might sound time consuming, but it can be done quite quickly by using a helpful special page.

This URL will generate a list of entries/pages that link to the page inserted at the end of the URL, in this case "Burning of Ana":



The title of a Category Page cannot be changed. The solution in this circumstance is to create an entirely new category and manually change all of the relevant Category Tags. Once all of the content related to the old category has been deleted, that Category will cease to exist on the wiki.