Loring Woart Bailey

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Nicknames/Other names: Skim


  • Bachelor of Arts (1859) - Harvard, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Master of Arts (1862) - Harvard, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Honorary Ph.D. (1873) - UNB
  • LL.D. (1896) - Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

Distinctions: Charter member of the Royal Society of Canada (1882)

Years Employed: 1861 - 1907

Faculty: Science

Department: Natural Sciences

Position(s) held:

  • Professor of Chemistry and Natural Sciences (1861 - 1907)

Activities/Contributions: Involved in what was believed to be the first operation of a telephone in the Maritimes - probably occurring in 1877 or 1878 - between "Sunnyside", Bailey's home on University Ave. and John Babbitt's home at the corner of University Ave. and Charlotte St. Also produced, with Babbitt, the first electric light in Fredericton using a thrity-cell battery obtained from England. Light was generated in the portico of the Old Arts Building and reflected onto the spires of the Christ Chuch Cathedral and the Methodist church in Marysville.

Notes: A stained-glass window in memory of Dr. Loring Woart Bailey was unveiled in Memorial Hall during the 1931 Founders' Day celebration. In May 1953, a glacial boulder, placed in front of the Foresty-Geology Building was unveiled in recognition of the achivements of Professors Loring Woart Bailey and James Robb. In 1961, the new science building was named for L.W. Bailey.


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