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Dates of ceremonies: 1830-1860s, 1942-1969, 1979, 1980

Founders' Day notice, 1967. UA PC 10; Item no. 12 (1).

Origins: Instituted by Edwin Jacob, President of King's College (1829-1859), Founders' Day was originally called Encaenia, and it was an acknowledgement and celebration of the individuals who had helped to create the institution.

History: Founder's Day was an annual event between 1830 and the mid-1860s, but the ceremony fell out of favour around this time. At a Senate meeting in 1924 UNB President C.C. Jones suggested a future proposal to once again hold a Founders' Day; the idea was never followed through with however. It was finally revived again in 1942 upon recommendation by UNB students. Founders' Day continued to be observed until 1969 when campus strife over the Strax Affair forced the cancellation of the ceremony. Founders' Day was performed again in 1979, in honour of the one-hundredth anniversary of Lord Beaverbrook's birth, and then once more in 1980 at the inauguration of the W. Stewart MacNutt Memorial Lecture Series. The ceremony included an address given by a guest speaker, as well as the Quit Rent payment in honour of the first land grant to the university.


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