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Name: University Air Training Corps, No. 11 University of New Brunswick Squadron.

Previous/other names: UATC

Prominent date(s) of activity: Fall 1942 - Fall 1944

History: University Air Training Corps (UATC) squadrons were set up in several universities across the country and, under government regulations, were part of the Reserve of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Students interested in enlisting with Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) upon the completion of the course were encouraged to train with the UATC instead of the COTC — which would allow them to skip basic training, entering directly into Elementary Flight School or Navigation School. All male students, unless physically unfit, had to enlist in either the UATC or the COTC.

Activities: Those enrolled in the U.A.T.C. underwent approximately 125 hours of prescribed training per year for two years. Students could enrol in one of two courses: aircrew and ground training. Aircrew trained for active duty in the Air Force, while ground training was particularly suited to undergraduates studying medicine, engineering, and those specializing in navigation. Supplemented by training exercises, members of the UATC studied Air Navigation, Principles of Flight, Armament, Organization and Administration, etc.

Those enrolled in the UATC travelled to Moncton for a training camp at No. 8 S.F.T.S. in the spring of 1943, and to Yarmouth in the summer of 1944.

Note(s): After the Second World War, the URTP was established to ensure the training of a reserve body of Royal Canadian Air Force.


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