Military Training Camps

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Date(s) occurred: C.O.T.C.:
Sussex - 1 June 1940
Woodstock - 17 May 1941 & 1942
Utopia (St. George, NB) - May 16 1943
Sussex - May 21 1944

Moncton - 1943

Account of events: The Canadian Officers Training Corps (COTC) travelled to remote areas for two weeks to train for the practical examinations required to become a military officer. The camps were held at a variety of locations across the province. After the Second World War, members of the COTC travelled across the country for up to sixteen months of paid training.

Participants trained in drills, tactics, night-operations and maneuvers, listened to lectures, and practiced shooting.

Similarly, the University Air Training Corps travelled to Moncton for a two week training camp in the spring of 1943.


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