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No modification to the default text settings should ever be made. The wiki software has been programmed to automatically use the Helvetica font. Font size will never have to be modified by contributors because the particular type of entries that you will be assigned to create will not require a variety of fonts. The wiki has been programmed to be consistent, which contributes positively toward its air of authority.


The provision of dates is commonplace in the wiki - therefore it is important that they be provided in a consistent format. All recorded dates will assume this format: Day (as a number) Month (capitalized and not abbreviated) Year (as a number), with no punctuation.

Example: 31 July 2014

If the day of the week is to be included, it is to be placed before the date and separated by a comma.

Example: Thursday, 31 July 2014


All numbers should be spelled out, except for dates (as mentioned above).


Abbreviations, for the most part, should not be used in the wiki.


  • PhD


Acronyms can be used in the wiki, but only if the full 'written-out' version of the acronym has been provided earlier in that text followed by the acronym in brackets.

Example: Canadian Officer Training Corps (COTC)...[later in text]...The COTC did this...


  • UNB


Sources should be listed chronologically in the last section of the entry. Sources should be bulleted and, unlike most sections of an entry, should begin a line below the title of the section:



  • X
  • Y
  • Z

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