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The search box is used to quickly scan the wiki for particular keywords. The search box has two functions: Search and Go

  • Upon entering some text—assuming that one or many entry/page titles begin with the text that has been inputted—MediaWiki provides Search hits that correspond directly with those keywords. Clicking on one of these Search hits will direct the user to the selected entry/page.
  • Alternatively, the Go function produces a page of results that lists (in this order, if available):
    • The option to Create the page (if an entry/page does not yet exist with this title).
    • Content Pages
      • Page title matches
      • Page text matches
    • Multimedia
    • Help and Project pages
    • Everything
      • A amalgamation of all types of pages containing this keyword
    • Advanced 
      • An advanced search function that allows for various limitations to be placed on the results listed
  • Note that Mark is red and underlined, indicating that a page entitled Mark does not yet exist. To create an entry/page entitled those terms searched, click this hyperlink.


  • Barrett, D. J. (2009). MediaWiki. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly Medic, Inc.

--MarkMcCumber (talk) 19 June 2014 (ADT)