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Date(s) of occurrence: 1908 (Officially named Hammerfest in 1911) -

Previous/other names:

Origins: In 1911, Professor Miller of the Department of Forestry suggested that the annual dinner of the Forestry Club be called Hammerfest, a name that was thereafter embraced by Forestry students. The event takes place annually in the Spring Semester.

History: The "time-honored institution" known as Hammerfest began as an annual dinner hosted until 1912 in the office of Mrs. McLeod.

In the mid-1940s the event was held at Mr. Woodbridge's camp, known as "The Queen of the Forest," to which students and faculty of the Department of Forestry, as well as some guest Foresters, venture in the early evening for an out-of-doors dinner served by the Freshmen. Musical entertainment during the dinner consisted of a small orchestra, while the meal was followed by a speech and several rounds of jokes before breaking up around 9:00 PM.



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