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Previous/other names: Forestry Society (1906 - 1922).

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1906 - present

History: The Forestry Association was established to create interest in the field of Forestry, develop a sense of fellowship among Forestry students, and put students in contact with professional foresters and lumbermen. Upon the Society's establishment in 1906 it was decided that lectures by prominant foresters would be held along with the presentation of papers and discussions by the students. Thereafter it was decided that because Engineering and Forestry students had a great deal in common, as the primary developers of the country, lectures hosted by either group could be attended by members of the other group.

Activities: The Forestry Association, open to students in the forestry and environmental science faculties, holds regular meetings, sponsors guest lectures by industry professionals, hosts an annual Monte Carlo Night, organizes an annual Woodsmen's Competition, and participates in a number of social events.

Their annual Hammerfest event occured every spring.

Note(s): In past years the Forestry Association participated actively in the UNB Winter Carnival, constructing a float and snow sculpture for the festivities.

In 1972, an article in the University paper, The Brunswickan, stated, "For the past few years, Forestry Week has been synonymous with campus vandalism." Each year during the event, members of the faculty spread coloured enamel paint over most of the buildings on campus. The repairs were billed to the Forestry Association, with all members of the faculty being blamed for the actions of the few vandals that wreaked havoc each year.


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