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This article is a stub. The content provided is authoritative, but the entry still needs more work before it can be considered complete.

Name: UNB Red Cross Society

Previous/other names: University Detachment of the Canadian Red Cross Corps

Prominent date(s) of activity: ?; 1916 - ?; 1943

History: The UNB Red Cross Society was reorganized to contribute toward the war effort, intending to supply knitting and supplies to the Red Cross during the First World War.

During the Second World War the University Detachment of the Canadian Red Cross Corps organized in the early months of 1943, completing a Basic Training Course intended as training for future work. 

Activities: The UNB Red Cross Society sold "fancy work" and "dressed dolls" in an effort to raise money to contribute to the Red Cross, also meeting once a week to practice the skills necessary to contribute supplies to the organization. The Alumnae Red Cross Society invited the student chapter to their Saturday evening meetings to help in the effort to contribute supplies.

The training regiment of the University Detachment of the Canadian Red Cross Corps included two hours of lecture, one hour of physical training, and one hour of military drill per week. Subjects of these lectures included National Defence, First Aid, and Civilian Defence. The women enrolled were also taught military drill, demonstrating these skills in the Gym Display on March 12, 1943. Members of the UNB Red Cross Detachment wore arm bands

Note(s): The UNB Red Cross Detachment was the first University Detachment of the Canadian Red Cross Corps in the Maritimes.

In 1943, fourty-three women (80% of the Ladies' Society) enlisted in the Corps.


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