The First World War at UNB

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Throughout the First World War, approximately three hundred UNB graduates and undergraduates enlisted for military service. Of those enlisted men, thirty-three died. Memorial Hall was named in honour of those who fought and died in the war.

The First World War prompted both supporting and objecting opinions among UNB students. War was declared during the summer of 1914 and the beginning of the new academic year observed much debate among the student body, apparent in articles published in the University Monthly and topic argued by the Debating Society

Early discussion of instituting military training at the University began in the fall of 1914, which stressed the importance of garnering the active support of the entire student body as well as that of the senate and faculty. It was determined that this preparation should move slowly, however, so as to assure proper organization and equipment. In the mean time, students began enlisting in the military and travelling to war. The first University Monthly published in the new year began listing students from the University that had departed for Europe. In the honor of the students that had left for war, a Soldiers' Dance was held in the gymnasium.

Student groups like the Canadian Officers Training Corps and the Red Cross Society were organized during the First World War with the intent of increasing Canada's contribution toward the war effort.


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