Vive La Compagnie (1898)

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Let every good fellow come fill up his glass, Vive la Compagnie, And drink to the health of our glorious class, Vive la Compagnie.

Chorus-- Vive la, Vive la, Vive l'amour, Vive la, Vive la,Vive l'amour, Vive l'amour, Vive l'amour, Vive la compagnie.

There sit the faculty all in a row, Vive la compagnie, But what they are there for I really don't know. Vive la compagnie.

Note(s): This song appears to be an evolution of "((@Vive L'Amour))". Further variations can be found from 1921 and 1928.


  • Carmina Universitatis Novi Brunsvici. Fredericton, NB: University of New Brunswick, 1898.

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