Vive La Compagnie (1921)

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Now if you will listen, I'll sing you a song, Vive la Compagnie, It's not very funny, and not very long, Vive la Compagnie.

Chorus-- Vive le, vive le, vive L'amour, Vive le, vive le, vive L'esprit, Vive le, vive le, vive le roi, Vive la Compagnie.

There sit the faculty all in a row, Vive la Compagnie, But what they are there for I really don't know. Vive la Compagnie.

We've Davy and Dinky and Tubby and Tyng, Vive la Compagnie, They make the time-table a hideous thing, Vive la Compagnie.

Tyng handed us the surprise of our life, Vive la Compagnie, During summer vacation he married a wife, Vive la Compagnie.

The effect on the co-eds was very unique, Vive la Compagnie, They take no more honors in Latin and Greek, Vive la Compagnie.

To the girls of the College we give three good cheers, Vive la Compagnie, May they live long and prosper for many long years, Vive la Compagnie.

Let every good fellow come fill up his glass, Vive la Compagnie, And drink to the health of our glorious class, Vive la Compagnie.

Let us think of our motto and "dare to be wise," Vive la Compagnie, Let us fight for the right and the wrong we'll despise, Vive la Compagnie.

U. N. B.'s a College of which we're all proud, Vive la Compagnie, Her praises forever we'll sing long and loud, Vive la Compagnie.


  • Carmina Universitatis Novi Brunsvici. Fredericton, NB: University of New Brunswick, 1921.

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