Jacob's Yard

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Name of Structure: Jacob's Yard

Other Names: The Millennium Sculpture Garden

Location: Below the Harriet Irving Library

Date Unveiled: N/A

Artist/Creator: Various

Named for: Edwin Jacob, president of King's College

Event/Occasion/Significance: Combines artistic creativity and excellence with landscape renewal, linking past and present societies and establishing a space of unity and interdisciplinary enrichment.

Plaque Inscription/Text Associated:

Notes: Jacob's Yard is an outdoor gathering place in which visitors and residents of UNB can observe site-specific artworks by New Brunswick sculptors. The project was begun in [2000?] by Marie Maltais after she received a grant from the province to create a place to gather outdoors. "((La Response du Cheval|La Reponse du Cheval]] by Jacques Martin, was installed and unveiled in 2003. The Art of Conversation Reader's Bench, unveiled in 2004, was funded by the graduating class of 2004 to honour Dr. Peter C. Kent and his contributions to the university on the occasion of his retirement. The Poets' Corner was also refurbished and moved to a place of prominence within the yard in November 2012. One key objective of the project was to create a place where culture and past and present society interweaves through a diversity of art and architecture.


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