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Image galleries are an attractive way to draw in an audience and encourage browsing.

To initiate an image gallery, enter the WikiTextEditor on the destination page. The function is initiated by inserting: <gallery mode="packed-hover">; and ended with: </gallery>. In between those two commands, the image file names must be placed - each should be placed on its own line. A pipe is used to separate the image title from the caption, which should be a link to the entry associated with that image.

  • packed-hover is the style of gallery that presents most attractively and should be used.

<gallery mode="packed-hover">
File:Image1.jpg|[[Entry 1]]
File:Image2.jpg|[[Entry 2]]

Image titles can be found at the top of an image page. As you will likely be making a gallery of entries that have already been finished, it should be easy enough to—from the selected entry—click the image to be brought to the image page, copy the image title from the top of that page, paste in to the correct location (on the destination page of the gallery), go back to the entry associated with the image and copy that title to create a link to the entry; repeating as many times as images and entries that you'd like to include. Voilà, a gallery!