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Mary Ella Milham with a colleague, at the Arts Centre during a Humanities Association meeting, (196-). UA PC; Series UA PC 9; Item no. 10 (4).

Previous/other names: N/A

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1951 - 1984

History: Th Humanities Association of Canada was established to promote scholarship and research in the Humanities. The Fredericton Branch of the Association was established in 1951, with Dr. Frank J. Toole, Chemistry Professor, appointed president in 1955.

Activities: Dr. Toole arranged for a number of guest speakers to visit UNB, to address the Association on various topics related to the Humanities. The group also received copies of the national organization's bulletin, published thrice yearly, which outlined the activities and interests of the organization as a whole and reported on the annual meetings.

In 1957 Dr. Toole wrote an address to the Royal Commission on the Fredericton branch's observations regarding the role of radio and television in Canadian lives. The address examined the place of the CBC in promoting Canadian unity and culture, the posibility of television as a medium for adult education, and a consideration of some of the mose prequent arguments against the CBC and its regulatory functions.



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