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Nels Anderson, [1972?]. UA PC 2; no. 115.

Previously named: Psychology and Sociology; Sociology and Anthropology

Established: 1974

History: In 1915, the Department of Philosophy at UNB had one honours course named 'Social Ethics', and by 1920, this same course had changed its name to 'Sociology'. In 1922, Sociology became a general elective class for third and fourth year students. Sociology remained a single elective course taught under the Department of Philosophy until 1941, when Philosophy merged with Education and Sociology to become a 'Philosophy and Education' course (still offered as a single elective). In 1946 the departments were shuffled again and a Department of 'Education and Psychology' was created with the expansion of both Psychology and Sociology classes being offered. At this time, the number of Sociology electives grew from one class to four. In the 1950-51 academic year, 'Psychology and Sociology' broke away from Education to form their own conjoined department while still maintaining a limited course selection. The number of Sociology courses offered at the university fluctuated between six and ten over the next two decades, with little change until 1967 when a new department of 'Sociology and Anthropology' was created. It wasn't until the early seventies that the number of Sociology courses available to students neared twenty and this growth coincided with the 1974 separation of Sociology and Anthropology into separate and distinct departments. While this separation happened at an administrative level in 1974, the two departments did not give course offerings under separate headings until the release of the 1975-76 UNB academic calendar. Sociology has remained an independent chair since that time and, with the creation of a singular department, the number of courses has continually increased. By 1979-80 the course selection had risen from twenty-two courses to forty-four. The number of courses increased slightly in the mid-nineties reaching fifty-six in 1994-95, further increasing each year to reach eighty-one courses in 2006-07. In the 2012-13 academic calendar, eighty-eight Sociology courses were offered at UNB.

Physical location: Tilley Hall

Faculty: Arts

Notes: Nels Anderson, famous for the first field-research monograph of the famed Chicago School of Sociology, which marked a significant milepost in the discipline, was a member of the UNB faculty from 1965-1977.

The year that a certain department was established can be a subjective figure. For the purpose of this wiki, the year that a department is considered first established is the first year it was listed in the academic calendar as an independent chair with no other affiliation, unless there is documentation to demonstrate otherwise.


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