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Previous/other names: UNB Relief Association

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1942-1945?

History: Organized to host events directed at collecting funds to contribute toward the Second World War effort.

Activities:The War Effort Committee organized a series of informal dances as well as a Victory Ball at the Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium where over three hundred dollars was collected. The Committee also organized an inter-faculty competition, called the March of Dimes, which climaxed on the evening of the Conversazione.

In later years the Committee relied on a variety of methods to raise funds such as organizing events and selling a variety of goods.

Upon the culmination of the Second World War, the War Effort Committee became the UNB Relief Association, and it began raising funds instead for the International Student Service. The Association sold a variety of goods and changed the name of the annual Victory Ball to the Snow Ball.



  • Up the Hill, 1943, War Effort.
  • Up the Hill, 1944, War Effort.
  • Up the Hill, 1945, War Effort.
  • Up the Hill, 1946, Organizations.

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