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Name: International Student Service

Previous/other names: I.S.S.

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1946

History: The International Student Service was an organization founded shortly after the First World War, with the goal of providing support and services to students in need around the world.

The I.S.S. subscribes to the following principles:

  • Sincere and unbiased search for truth
  • Encouraging an open view of human culture and a positive sense of responsibility within society
  • Equality and participation in the university community

Activities: The I.S.S. at UNB raised money for the organization to support initiatives around the world, such as the provision of books, clothing, medical supplies, and food to students in various countries of need, including those most heavily impacted by the Second World War

Note(s): After the Second World War had ended, the UNB Relief Association (formerly the War Effort Committee) raised funds on behalf of the I.S.S.


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