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Student contributions category pages have been designed to allow Arts 3000 students an easy way to provide evidence of their work with the UNB Archives History at a Glance wiki. An invisible category will be created for each students, by which the entries authored can be discretely tagged and compiled on a page dedicated exclusively to the individual's work. This process requires several steps:

1. Creating the invisible category page.

  • Similar to creating a regular Category Page - simply paste __HIDDENCAT__ at the top of this new category page.

2. Tag the relevant contributions with this invisible category tag.

  • Note that, once tagged, the tag does not appear at the bottom with the other applied category tags but remains invisible. The students' signature will be enough to declare ownership to general readers.

3. Now a link to the student's 'contributions' on the student's profile page must be created.

Here is a link to a video describing and demonstrating the process: