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*UNB Saint John Faculty of Business, [[http://www.unb.ca/saintjohn/business/faculty/fulltime/srinehart.html Full-Time Instructors]]
*UNB Saint John Faculty of Business, [[http://www.unb.ca/saintjohn/business/faculty/fulltime/srinehart.html Full-Time Instructors]]
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Shelley Rinehart received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from UNB Saint John and in 1988 earned an MBA (Marketing) at UNB Fredericton as a member of the first class to the graduate with this degree. She joined the UNB Saint John Faculty of Business in 1988. In 2001 Rinehart was named one of Canada's first IT Heroes by Industry Canada and the Information Technology Association of Canada. Rinehart was appointed director of the Electronic Commerce Centre at UNB Saint John in 2002 and later became the first woman dean on the Saint John campus. After six and a half years as Dean of the Faculty of Business, Rinehart moved into a government position as the Executive Director of Policy Development and Planning with the New Brunswick Department of Energy. Following this secondment, she is once again engaged with teaching at UNB Saint John.


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