Monument Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Survey Engineering

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Name of Structure: Monument commemorating the 30th anniversary of Survey Engineering

Other Names: Globe resting on Yellow Tripod

Location: Outside the main entrance of Head Hall

Date Unveiled: 1991

Artist/Creator: Angel Gomez-Miguelanez, an artist who works with UNB's geology department

Named for: N/A

Event/Occasion/Significance: The 30th anniversary of Survey Engineering at UNB, a celebration of past and future achievements in the university department.

Plaque Inscription/Text Associated: Created to mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of UNB's Department of Surveying Engineering. The artist emigrated to Canada from Spain in 1980.

Notes: This monument depicts of the globe encircled with satellite orbits. Present at the sculpture unveiling were UNB's Survey Engineering founding fathers, Willis Roberts, Bill Hilborn, Ira Beattie, and Gotfried Konecny, the first chairperson. Konecny traveled from Germany to attend the ceremony. Other former and current department chairs, as well as many long-time friends of UNB and its Survey Engineering program were in attendance at the event. The commemorative structure, in its combining of earth science and information technology, effectively illustrates a merge between diverse forms of engineering exploration and serves as both a reminder of past success of Survey Engineering and inspiration for its continual evolution.


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