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Previous/other names: N/A

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1907 - 1967?

History: Intially the Ladies Society acted as a primarily social initiative for the female minority at UNB, but by 1959, with a marked increase in the enrollment of female students, the group began taking a more active role in women's education by sponsoring a co-ed scholarship.

Activities: The Ladies Society edited an annual "Brunswickanne", organized Co-Ed Week (a week where women ruled the campus), held an annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, played bridge, attended group meetings in the Reading Room, went on sleigh rides, fund-raised for charities, and sponsored social and sporting events.

Note(s):The Ladies Society was financially self supported through the sale of apples, cigarettes, chocolate bars and other provisions at UNB sporting events. The money the group raised was used to sponsor a variety of events around campus.

Throughout the 1940-1941 school year, the Ladies Society contributed significantly toward the Spitfire Fund initiative. The ladies also knit donations to give to the Red Cross.


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