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The clock tower containing the college chimes on top of the Lady Beaverbrook Residence, (after 1929). UA PC 9; no. 34 (1).

The College Chimes form part of the clock tower on the Lady Beaverbrook Residence. Donated by Lord Beaverbrook in memory of his late wife, the largest of the chimes is inscribed: "I give thy voice to speak, now hers is still." The chimes, controlled by the clock, once announced the the beginning and ending of classroom lectures by playing the tune of "The Jones' Boys", an old New Brunswick North Shore lumber song, part of which is transcribed below:

"Oh-h-h! the Jones' boys. They built a mill On the side of a hill. They worked all day, But they couldn't make the saw mill pay."

The bells fell into disuse with time, but were revived in 1995 by a donation from the Class of 1947 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of their graduation.


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