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'''Name:''' Co-Ed Reds Cheerleading
'''Previous/other names:''' UNB Cheerleaders
'''Previous/other names:''' UNB Cheerleaders
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[[Category:Student Clubs and Societies|Cheerleading]][[Category:Sports and Recreation|Cheer]][[Category:Varsity Reds|Cheerleading]]
[[Category:Student Clubs and Societies|Cheerleading]]<br/>[[Category:Sports and Recreation|Cheer]]<br/>[[Category:Varsity Reds|Cheerleading]]

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Previous/other names: UNB Cheerleaders

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1954 - ?; 1994 - present

History: The UNB Cheerleaders were organized to provide school spirit and team motivation at Varsity Reds basketball games,

Activities: The team practices their routines (comprised of cheers, dances, and stunts) three times per week, holds weekly team weight training sessions, and competes in national cheerleading competitions.

Note(s): In 1959, for the very first time, the UNB Cheerleading team included a number of male students.


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