Class of 1990 Gates

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Name: Class of 1990 Gates

Other Names: Unknown

Location: Entrance of Duffie Drive from Montgomery Street

Date Unveiled: 5 June 1990

Architect: Jim Collyer of Architects Design Group

Named for: The Class of 1990, donor of the gate

Event/Occasion/Significance: Class of 1990's gift to their alma mater

Plaque Inscription/Text Associated: These gates are a gift from the Class of 1990 to express our pride in becoming alumni of the University of New Brunswick. Given in our graduating year AD 1990.

Notes: The gates mark the first time a graduating class donated a major gift to UNB before graduation. The bricks are inscribed with names of donors to the project. The Student Union and UNB contributed to the cost of the project, but the remainder of the cost, about $20,000, was raised through fundraising events organized by the Grad class and individual contributions. Dr. James Downey, President and Vice-Chancellor of UNB, and Pauline MacKenzie, President of the Associated Alumni, were present at the official opening ceremony; also in attendance were members of the class of 1990 executive, Marc Braithwaite, John Marshall, Michael Elliot, and Jamie Petrie, valedictorian of the 1990 graduating class. The gates were designed by ADG of Fredericton, and Heritage Monuments of Nova Scotia completed the engraving on the bricks.


  • UA RG 285; Series 1; File 11; Box 2; Item 212.
  • UA Case 121; Section 3; Gates.
  • Plaque inscription: UNB Perspectives Alumni Edition, v. 16, no. AL3 (Summer 1990): 2.

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