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The Real Inspector Hound, 19 - 21 March 1981, UA RG 350; Series 8; Sub-series 2; File 71, Box 4, Vol 24, Slots 38 - 72, 2335.

Previous/other names: N/A

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1970 - 1989

History: Workshop Productions was an out-growth of English 2140 (Principles of Drama Production) and English 3150. Staging live theatre performances gave students the opportunity to gain practical experience beyond the technical information offered in a classroom setting.

Activities: Students were required to participate in all aspects of theatre production, including technical directing, production, carpentry, painting, lighting, sound, props, make-up, and costumes.

Note(s): Workshop Productions operated under the supervision of Professor Ed Mullally, and was funded by various local businesses.

Workshop Productions students frequently became involved in Theatre New Brunswick productions, which took place at the Playhouse.


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