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Wendy J. Robbins earned a PhD in English from Queen's University. A member of the English Department at UNB since 1984, Dr. Robbins has a particular interest in women's writing and feminist approaches to literature. She co-founded the Women's Studies Programme and has often served as Co-ordinator. In 1987, Dr. Robbins became the second Chair of the Presdient's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women. She received the Allan P. Stuart Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1997. Dr. Robbins has served as Director of Research at the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women and in 1995, as a result of her involvement, co-founded PAR-L (Policy, Action, Research - List), an innovative and bilingual feminist online discussion list that operated from UNB. In 2005, Dr. Robbins was elected Chair of the Women’s Committee of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT).


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