The Model League of Nations

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Date(s) of occurrence: March 22-24, 1938

Origins: A convention modelled after the meetings of the International Labor Organization, a subsidiary of the League of Nations.

History: Six Maritime universities sent delegations of three to eight students—some accompanied by faculty advisers—to participate as representatives of the hypothetical interests of twelve industrial countries on topics related to Labor Legislation. Participants were divided into groups of four, two of which spoke for the government of the country, one for labor and the other for industry.

The second day of the event was dedicated to Canadian affairs, throughout which current topics of Canadian politics were discussed and debated by attendees.

On the final day the conference turned back to focus on international affairs, strictly modelling its processions after the League of Nations as debate was focused on a particular article from the League Covenant.

The Ladies Society sponsored and organized a formal dance for the attending delegations.


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