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Date(s) of occurrence: 1902-?, 1931-1941, 1947-1955, 1956-?

Previous/other names:

History: The first mentions of a tennis club at UNB are in 1902, when a Golf and Tennis club was created. This club was not very popular, and at the time had only a few members. Tennis was revived in 1931, and annual tennis matches between the students were held. The first Intercollegiate Tennis Championship was in 1933, and the following year the Maritime Tennis Union was formed. UNB joined the union and was assigned to play Mount Allison for the New Brunswick Title. Acadia and Dalhousie were to play for the Nova Scotia title, and the two sinning teams would meet to play for the finals. 1941 to 1946 saw the ban on intercollegiate sports, and competition tennis petered out. The sport was revived in 1947 and became an official sport at UNB. By 1955 this privilege was revoked and Tennis was no longer funded by the Amateur Athletic Association. 1956, however, saw its return in the yearbook.



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