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Previous/other names: Students' Wives Organization

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1948 - 1984

History: The Students' Wives Organization was formed to promote unity among the wives of married students at UNB. Members benefitted from access to social activities, employment opportunities, and an increased understanding of their husbands' academic endeavors.

Activities: The group held twice monthly bridge tournaments, participated in the Red 'n' Black Revue, built a Winter Carnival float, hosted an annual Snow Ball (Christmas party), Fall Frolic (registration party) and annual graduation tea. They put on bake sales, charm sales, and hotdog roasts as well. The women also participated in sporting events such as badminton, volleyball, skating, track and field, gymnastics, yoga, basketball, and floor hockey.

In 1967 the SWO hosted a Spring fashion show in McConnell Hall.

In 1971 a Children's Christmas Party was held. Children were given bags of candy and balloons, and Santa visited to hand out gifts purchased by the children's parents. An Adult Christmas Party was held the night before.

Note(s): The Students' Wives Organization was one of the most active groups on campus, primarily because members were not burdened with course work.

Husbands of the Student Wives helped out with events by setting up tables and chairs, and they also acted as bartenders when alcohol was served.

The SWO advertised their meetings in The Brunswickan, The College Hill Report, The Daily Gleaner, C.F.N.B. Radio, and C.B.Z. Radio. They often found it difficult to find a photographer to cover their events.

In 1948, the University Choral Society, in an effort to increase the number of female voices present, invited the wives of students to join their choir group.


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