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View of the Brydone Jack Pillar, south of Aitken House in early 1950s. Acc. 2010.05; Series 1; Item no. 211, File 9.

Name of Structure: Meridian Pillar Other Names: Brydone Jack Pillar

Location: South of the Aitken House Residence

Date Unveiled: 17 February 1875


Named for: UNB President and professor, Dr. William Brydone Jack

Event/Occasion/Significance: Dr. William Brydone Jack had the pillar erected in 1875 in an effort to determine a true median line with which surveyors could more accurately determine the variation of the compass needle and the accuracy of surveyor compasses. In recognition of Dr. Jack's contributions to surveying in New Brunswick, and to commemorate the 50th year anniversary of the meridian pillar, a celebration was held on February 18, 2005

Plaque Inscription/Text Associated: In 1875, this stone pillar was placed by Prof. William Brydone Jack on the meridian through the observatory to enable his collaboration of land surveyors' compasses in an effort to improve the surveys of land in New Brunswick.

Notes: The Surveyor General of the Board of Examiners, Crown Land Office, requested that Dr. Jack lay down a true median line for the purpose of more effectively determining the variation and accuracy of surveying technologies. He erected the pillar and, to prevent it from being damaged by frost, drained the land around the pillar.

The Association of New Brunswick Land Surveyors assisted UNB Fredericton's department of geodesy and geomatics engineering in restoring the area surrounding the pillar for the commemoration ceremony on February 17, 2005.


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