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Date(s) of occurrence: 1933-1964, 1966-?

Previous/other names: Red Falcons

History: Students began showing interest in forming a ski club in 1933, and soon after the UNB Ski Club was established. 1934 saw a ski meet held, which was the first of its kind in the Maritimes. The same year a trophy was given to UNB by the McMurray Book and Stationary Company Limited for cross-country skiing. The winner of this trophy had to continuously defend their title throughout the ski season when challenged by their opponents. This version of the ski club petered out between 1933 and 1936, when a new Ski Club was formed. The first female members joined the club in 1939, the same year UNB entered some of it’s members in the Provincial Meet in New Denmark. By 1940 the team was entering the Maritime Ski Meet, the Provincial Open Meet, and the Northern Maine Championships. 1941 brought a ban put in place due to wartime, and the Ski Club was only permitted to enter the Maritime meet. By 1942 all ski meets in the province had been cancelled, so only intermural were held. By 1946 the war was over and the ban was lifted, and competitions began as normal. 1948 saw the first Maritime intercollegiate ski meet, with UNB coming out on top.  1951 allowed more events to be competed in, as UNB had acquired a set of jumping skis. By 1959 the team was known as the Red Falcons.

In 1966, the UNB ski team returned to competition after a two year break,



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