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Name: University Radio Club; Amateur Radio Club (1976)

Previous/other names: Radio Club

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1947 - 1976

History: With several veterans experienced in radio technology, a Radio Club was organized in the spring of 1947 and officially recognized by the S.R.C. in 1948. The Club welcomed all those interested in radio from the beginning of its formation.

Activities: The Radio Club was provided a room and workshop at Alexander College. Code and theory classes were held to help members obtain their amateur operating licenses. Members built their own transmitter and installed the equipment necessary to become operational. The Club showed films and hosted guest lecturers, as well as taught code classes to interested parties.

In 1951 the Radio Club moved its headquarters from Alexander College to a room in the Electrical Engineering Building. From there, the Club maintained a station, VE1UNB, through which contacts were made around the world using morse code, radio-telephone, and radio-teletype.

Later in the 1950s, the scope of the Radio Club expanded to include applied electronics, Hi-Fi audio, television, computer design, and other topics of similar interest.

Note(s): Alongside the University of British Columbia, UNB was one of the first two radio clubs in the Dominion-wide University radio networks.


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