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The Rabbi David Spiro Prize is awarded annually to an undergraduate student on the UNB Fredericton campus who writes a deserving essay related to Jewish history, literature, or contemporary affairs.

Year Name Title of essay Held at UNB Archives
1985 David Dunsmuir "The Holocaust in Occupied Countries: A comparison of Denmark and the Netherlands" Yes
1986 Deborah Johnston "The Blood of Others: Pierre Laval, Vichey France and the Jews..." Yes
1987 Sandra Linton "Evian to Kristallnacht: Roosevelt and United States Policy to Jewish Refugees From Nazi Germany" Yes
1988 Katherine A. Parker "The Papacy and the Holocaust: Thoughts on the Role of Pope Pius XII During the Final Solution" Yes
1989 Katherine A. Parker "Holocaust Denial: The Legacy of a Lie" Yes
1990 Chris Brittain "Not as a Lamb: Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust" Yes
1991 Bruce Grant   No
1992 Richard Gross "Running to Stand Still: The Jews of Poland and Their Relations with Gentiles, 1939-1945" Yes
1993 Angela Green "The Danish Holocaust: A Report on the Rescue of the Danish Jews" Yes
1994 Stacey Huberman "Is Zionism Racism" Yes
1995 Allison Fleet "Light in an Era of Darkness: The Mystery of the Righteous Gentile" Yes
1996 Not awarded   No
1997 Sarah Ann Miller   No
1998 Erin Marie Horncastle   No
1999 Not awarded   No
2000 Unknown    
2001 Suzanne Marie LeBlanc "The Sensitizing effect of Holocaust Literature" Yes
2002 Sara Burns "How and why did the Nazis make use of Richard Wagner?" Yes
2003 John Paul Harmon "If He looks, Acts and Smells Like a Jew, He's a Jew!!" Yes
2004 Victor Sauntry "The Ashkenazin and the Sephardim during the Reformation Era: Friends or Foes?" Yes
2005 Alexandra Gabrielle Davis “Jewish Reactions to Nazi Persecution within the Ghettos” No
2006 Stephanie Maria Cavanaugh “The Roots, Results, and Persistence of Anti-Semitism in Spain” No
2007 Kristi Austin "The Blood of Innocents: Ritual Murder, Host Desecration, and Medieval Jews" Yes
2008 Hayley Johnson "A Study of Survival and Strength: Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust" Yes
2009 Peter Llewellyn Forestell   No
2010 Andrea Meyer   Yes
2011 Cheryl Michele Petreman   Yes
2012 Lewis de Lotbinier Thompson Lederman "German doctors under Nazi rule: A culture of compliance" Yes
2014 Brianna Carmichael The obstinate Jews: Martin Luther's evolving recommendations for the Jews of Europe Yes
2015 Stewart Doucet The Goldhagen debates: Understanding the motives of holocaust perpetrators" Yes
2017 Robert Bridges   No


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