R.N. Scott Hall

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Building Name: R.N. Scott Hall

Names: Entomological Building, BioEngineering Institute

Civic Address: 25 Dineen

Opened for Use: 1915

Named for: Professor Robert Nelson Scott who joined the electrical engineering faculty at UNB in 1956 and was director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering from 1965-1990.

Renovations/changes/additions: The most recent addition (2002) was funded by government and university through funding.

Notes: The original building, built by the federal department of agriculture, has had several additions and uses, and was relocated in 1929. UNB acquired ownership in 1954. The current name was given in 2002 upon the opening of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

Source(s): University of New Brunswick (Fredericton Campus), "Building, Field and Road Names, Named Spaces Within Buildings," Prepared for Office of Chief Advancement Officer and Office of Development and Donor Relations by Peter C. Gough, October 2007.

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