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Previous/other names: N/A

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1955 - 1969?

History: The Progressive Conservative Club was established in 1955 so that students could become more acquainted with party politics.

Activities: The group travelled to national leadership conventions and spoke with party leaders.

Note(s): In 1965 members of the Progressive Conservative Club at UNB arranged a protest of Premier Louis Robichaud's attendance at a Liberal Convention in Fredericton. The picketing began at the Fredericton airport, and further rallying was planned to take place on the UNB campus. UNB President Colin Mackay pulled Progressive Conservative Club leader Paul Dick aside to inform him that UNB facilities would not be made available for the protest. Allegations were made that Mackay was pressured by Premier Louis Robichaud to call off the student protesters, though Mackay insisted that in fact it was UNB policy not to financially support protests by student clubs.


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