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Professor Emeritus is an honorary rank assigned upon retirement to professors that have served the university with great distinction, such as by a career of exceptional classroom instruction, extensive research and quality publication, contributions to the administration, and a record of professional conduct to both students and members of the academic community. The rank does not carry any responsibilities, apart from perhaps being called upon for advice or council.

The Board of Governors, upon recommendation from the President, is responsible for the appointing of faculty to the rank. The University Senate can also make recommendations to the President who, in turn, must recommend the prospective recipient to the Board of Governors. Initial recommendations can be made by any member of the University to the Professor Emeritus Committee, which now consists of the President, the Vice-President Fredericton (Academic), the Vice-President (Saint John), and those faculty members on the University Honourary Degrees Committee. If this Committee accepts a recommendation then it must transmit the recommendation to the Senate who, if approving, makes a recommendation to the President.

The rank of Professor Emeritus is formally conferred at convocation.

Here is a list of professors that have been assigned the rank of Professor Emeritus:

Year of Assignment
1970 Alfred G. Bailey History
1977 Theo Weiner Physics