Premier Richard B. Hatfield Prize

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The Richard B. Hatfield Essay Prize is awarded annually to the undergraduate who submits the best essay dealing with constitutional questions.

Year Name Student of
Title Held at UNB Archives
1985 Graeme A. Barry UNB Fredericton "Federalism and the Protection of Civil Liberties in Canada" Yes
1986 Odette MacLeod Unknown No
1987 Not awarded
1988 Not awarded
1989 Shawn Malley Unknown No
1990 Charlotte Glencross Unknown No
1991 Kimberly Poffenroth Unknown No
1992 Murray Murphy UNB Fredericton "Silent Dependency: Federal Regional Development Policies and Economic Disparity in the Maritimes" Yes
1993 Daniel Keppie UNB Fredericton "The New Poor Law: How the Power of Local Government Beat London" Yes
1994 Paul Lenarczyk UNB Fredericton "Popular Sovereignty and the Federal Constitution" Yes
1995 Not awarded
1996 Not awarded
1997 Not awarded
1998 Marc-Andre Hache UNB Fredericton "Immersion Education in New Brunswick: A Study of Anglophone Public Demand for French Second Language Education in New Brunswick (1976-1990)" Yes
1999 Unknown
2000 Michael Guidice UNB Fredericton "Why Split Decisions Are Desirable" Yes
2001 Andrea Elizabeth Foster UNB Fredericton No
2002 Hassan Muhammas Arif Unknown No
2003 Angela Noreen Waite UNB Fredericton No
2004 Christopher Bryan Emerson Bailey UNB Fredericton No
2005 Alison Jane Buchanan UNB Fredericton No
2006 Joel Benjamin Reed UNB Fredericton No
2007 Not awarded
2008 Shane Robert DeMerchant UNB Fredericton No
2009 Kerri Anne Krawec UNB Fredericton No
2010 Thomas Manning Cheney UNB Fredericton No
2011 James Reid Good UNB Fredericton No
2012 Achsah Ferris Anne Turnbull UNB Fredericton No


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