Nunc Est Bibendum Fratres

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"Nunc est bibendum fratres," since once again we've met, As vig'rous as young bay trees, a right good jovial set; "Nunc est bibendum fratres," as oft we've done before, For well we know "esprit-de-vie" keeps up "esprit-de-coeur."

Chorus-- Then here's to Alma Mater, a bumper let us pour, Rejoiced within our ancient halls, to find ourselves once more.

What though we've left our homes, boys, and all we there hold dear, We ne'er shall spend, where'er we roam, such happy days as here; What though we've left our darlings, won't absence lend its charms, And the months fly by like starlings, to restore us to their arms.


Our governors so discerning sent us here to store our minds With loads of classic learning, and various other kinds; We'll teach them "ipsis factis," and what more do they need, Than the rules reduced to practice, remembering what we read.


Now who's so independent as within our halls are we, When mirth has the ascendent, and all is song and glee; Then away with convocation rules, and drive dull care away, And banish thoughts of plucks and schools to some far distant day.


When first our good friend Flaccus, exults in many a line; Sweet Venus and old Bacchus, young maids and mellow wine, And the old Ovidius Naso--for so the story goes-- Derived his name and grace O from a jolly big red nose.


"Ariston men hudor," boys, cries Pindar, as we see, But I'll bet in days of yore, boys, "Hudor" meant "eau-de-vie." "Dos hemin hudor O Pai," the bold Anacreon cries, And he was no cold-water boy, or else tradition lies.


Now these are the fairest samples of the lights of other days; We'll follow their examples as a lantern to our ways. "Dum vivamus vivamus," while time and strength allow, For soon old age will tame us, so keep the steam up now.


Note(s): The 1881 edition of Carmina lists this song as titled "Alma Mater".


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