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Previous/other names: The Newman Community (1976)

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1942 - 1976

History: Affiliated with the International Federation of Newman Clubs, the Newman Club was an organization for Roman Catholic students attending UNB. The aim of the club was to guide the academic and religious lives of students attending university.

The Club's name comes from the renown Catholic scholar and religious leader Cardinal Newman.

Activities: The Club organized lectures on a variety of subjects, as well as social events like dances and an annual banquet.

The Newman Club jointly participated in the hosting of a University Chrsitan Mission in 1946 alongside the Student Christian Movement and several other interested parties, organizing lectures and discussions on the various aspects of Christian religion and faith.

A large residence was purchased in 1945 and converted to Newman Hall, a residence for Catholic undergraduate students.

On October 25 of 1946 UNB hosted a convention for the Federation of Newman Clubs, with delegations coming from Canadian Universities as far away as Manitoba.

The Newman Club started their own bowling league in the fall of 1947.



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