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Naomi Lewis was the University of New Brunswick's 33rd writer-in-residence for the 2016 winter term. Lewis is an editor, teacher, and writer based out of Calgary. She wrote her 2008 novel Cricket in a Fist while she was a graduate student at UNB. Her 2012 story collection won Enfield & Wizenty's Colophan Prize.

While writer-in-residence, Naomi Lewis attended a reading at St. John UNB on January 21st for the UNBSJ's Lorenzo Reading Series. Additionally, she read at an odd sundays event at Corked Wine Bar on February 7th, and a Qwerty Reads event at Wilser's Room on February 18th.

Naomi Lewis took over as writer-in-residence after Gerard Beirne, and after her the position was held by Robin Maharaj.




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