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The Musician-in-Residence program was founded at UNB Fredericton in 1962. UNB was one of the first universities to introduce the idea of resident artists. Please note that UNB Saint John has established a separate Musician-in-Residence program. There may be some discrepancies for some of the musicians in the years they served as a resident musician, as well as years of overlap between musicians-in-residence. Resident musicians organized a chamber orchestra starting in the 1960s.

Year(s) Name
1962-64 Paul Helmer
1964-93 Joseph and Arlene Nimmons Pach
1967-68 Malcolm Tait
1970-72 Andrew Benac
1970-73 Ifan Williams
1970-88 James Pataki
1973-84 Richard Kent Naill
1973-90 Paul Campbell
1984-90 Paul Pulford
1993-97 Robert Kortgaard
1997-2001 Richard Raymond
2001-? Peter Allen
2006-09 Julien LeBlanc*
2007-08 Geoffrey McCausland*
2008-09 Greg Harrison*
2009-10 Olivia Brayley Quackenbush*
2009-present Nadia Francavilla
  • Designates a musician-in-residence who is classified as an Emerging Artist

See: UNB Centre for Musical Arts


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