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The Musician-in-Residence program was founded at UNB Fredericton in 1962. Please note that UNB Saint John has established a separate Musician-in-Residence program. There may be some discrepancies for some of the musicians in the years they served as a resident musician, as well as years of overlap between musicians-in-residence.

Year(s) Name
1962-64 Paul Helmer
1964-93 Joseph and Arlene Nimmons Pach
1967-68 Malcolm Tait
1970-72 Andrew Benac
1970-73 Ifan Williams
1970-88 James Pataki
1973-84 Richard Kent Naill
1973-90 Paul Campbell
1984-90 Paul Pulford
1993-97 Robert Kortgaard
1997-2001 Richard Raymond
2001-? Peter Allen
2006-09 Julien LeBlanc*
2007-08 Geoffrey McCausland*
2008-09 Greg Harrison*
2009-10 Olivia Brayley Quackenbush*
2009-present Nadia Francavilla
  • Designates a musician-in-residence who is classified as an Emerging Artist


  • UA Case 193.

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